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One week from today is a day our whole universe changed. A week overdue and with snow still on the ground, we welcomed Caleb into this world. As I said on his Facebook page, it was a day that was frigid outside but brought the kind of overwhelming love, joy, and warmth we never even knew could exist.  On that day, we were forever changed for the best. 

February 9th is a day we will never forget and it would mean the world if you don't either. Usually we mark the 9th of every month by going out into the community and sharing Caleb's love publicly. However, we've learned our limits. Days like this are just too gut-wrenchingly painful to try to put on a happy face, so we need your help. We will still be celebrating Caleb's beautiful life in our own way, but we would LOVE it if you would, too. If you want a fun way to remember Caleb and to spread the love that Caleb gave so freely to everyone, join us to play BINGO, Caleb style!!! 

I'm posting the BINGO/CALEB game now so you have time to think of what you want to do, but THE GAME DOESN'T START UNTIL CALEB'S BIRTHDAY ON FEBRUARY 9TH! 
Mark off one square, a row, or play for blackout!! Since this would've been Caleb's 4th birthday, PRIZES will be awarded to the first 4 people who earn a BINGO/CALEB and comment back to this post which squares you completed on The Caleb Effect Facebook page (bonus points for including pictures)!! 

We can't wait to see all the love Caleb's fan club shares with your part of the world!
#SUDC Foundation