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A Little Bag of Comfort

Caleb's Day of Kindness-Police

Happy 9th, Baby Boy!! Daddy and I met some of your favorite people in the world today when we visited the Del City and Oklahoma City police stations! We left some bags with vroom vrooms and other toys to help the kids they meet who are going through especially scary situations. 

We missed your standard siren imitations and the way we know you would've had all those tough officers wrapped around your toddler fingers. Not even a bullet-proof vest could have stopped you from entering a place in their hearts. I wonder how many guys you would have convinced to show you their real vroom vrooms and maybe even flip the lights and sirens on for you, too?

We miss you like crazy down here, but we are going to let your little light shine so much brighter than the salty reflection from our tears. People are paying attention and you are practically famous in Oklahoma now. Did you see all the publicity you've received lately? 

You are still showing us how to live. Thank you, Baby Bear.

Watch over these children and first responders and bring them comfort, compassion, and safety. Let each of them know they are valuable and worthy of kindness and care. 

I love you my little angel baby. I always will.

One day.

Love, Mommy

Lance West First Fidelity Bank #PayIt4Ward KFOR-TV #BankerBoggs 

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Pay It 4Ward-AKA "Biggest Surprise of My Life"

EDMOND, Okla. - Caleb Wile made his debut into the world on February 9, 2014. He was a child who smiled with his entire face and loved unconditionally.

But, for parents Adam and Bernie Wile, those special moments are now only memories.

"He had an ear infection," Bernie said. "We took him to the doctor and, the next day, we woke up without him. That's your worst nightmare."

Their only child was taken without explanation. Their anguish was incomprehensible.

"It's been one month. It's been two months. And, then, at a year, I decided I wanted his life to be stronger than his death," Bernie said.

The Wiles launched a crusade to keep Caleb's spirit alive.

Friends and family distributed Hot Wheels cars to children at the Memorial Marathon. They've left behind change at car washes and laundry mats.

There is a different good deed on the 9th of every month.

Longtime friend Shannon Nagy nominated them for 'Pay it 4Ward.'

"The Caleb Effect: be kind to others, do good things, anything to make somebody's day better - which is awesome," Nagy said.

James Boggs with First Fidelity Bank helped us pay it forward.

"Bernie and Adam do so many great things in Edmond, and The Caleb Effect is so special for so many people in our community," Boggs said. "I am so excited and honored to help you pay it forward."

We surprised Bernie this week with a $400 reward for the couple's strength and courage.

"What you're doing is changing the world," Nagy said.

"I think that's why you guys are here," Bernie told us. "I think you're probably feeling The Caleb Effect."

Change and a child's love is being used to change the world.

'Pay it 4Ward' is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank. 


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