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There were three of us on the same floor at work who were pregnant at the same time. Naturally, the three babies and their moms grew to be best of friends, and the babies were known as "the three amigos." They shared many play dates, slobber, and love during their time together. The mommies sent numerous group texts with their joys, challenges and the most adorable pictures of the moments spent away from each other. When we lost Caleb, I asked that the mommies please continue to include me in these messages. Last night, I got one such message that hit me straight in the chest:

"A sweet conversation we had tonight: 
Me: I love this book. (picks up ‘Good Night Good Night Construction Site book) 
Jack: Me too. Maybe we can give it to Caleb so that he remembers me too. Like we pass out cars to remember Caleb.

After Jack went to sleep I went for a walk with my mom and saw a shooting star as soon as we stepped outside. ❤️"

I love the pure hearts and honesty of children. They are truly the one, perfect part of Earth. Despite being only 2-years-old when Jack lost his BFF, he still remembers Caleb, and doesn't shy away from speaking his name. As I've said many times, I don't believe in coincidences, but I do believe that Caleb still remembers Jack, and all those who will always love him. He is still nudging us gently (and sometimes not so subtly) to be the best version of ourselves despite our heartache, and to spread The Caleb Effect every chance we get. 

I thank God for the gift of friendships made because of you. Keep staying close to us, Baby Boy. Someday we won't need the signs because you will be back in our arms. In the meantime, we're listening and fumbling through. We miss you, Little Bear Cub.

One day.