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Hi Baby. I love you. Do you know what today is? Yes, it is the 9th! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!! I wish we could see the animated way you would clap your hands and jump up and down, or how you would pinch your cheeks and clinch your teeth trying to contain all your excitement. I hope you had that same kind of overwhelming glee hearing your name being spoken by new friends and knowing all the love and joy you wrapped perfectly inside The Caleb Effect is being opened and shared, again and again. It is the one present that is always okay to be re-gifted, reused, and returned.

Mommy and Daddy spent the day trying to return some of the happiness you shared with us in your much too brief life. We know we will never be able to give you as much pure love as you poured into us, but we will spend the rest of our lives trying. We miss you, Baby Boy. Every second of every day you are missed and loved.

A snippet of that love was shared with Project Linus  (), after a thoughtful invitation from Gabrielle Luebk. You never saw the Peanuts show, but there is a little boy named “Linus” who carries around his blanket and sucks his thumb. Linus said, “Listen Charlie Brown, that old blanket soaks up all my fears and frustrations.” It is pretty amazing that something as simple as a blanket can do that. Kids who are in the hospital, living in shelters, or going through some very scary situations are tucked into their warmth. 

Even though we don’t really know how to sew, the ladies in the group were very patient in showing us how to cut and loop the pieces of fleece and clip the edges of the quilting squares just right. They even let Mommy use one of the vintage machines and didn’t complain when they had to get the string unstuck. 

Mommy and Daddy brought some “soup” (AKA Superman) fleece and a donation, and remembered the adorable way you pronounced this character. Sometimes you would say his whole name, but the “r” was non-existent, and there was always a pause at each syllable. 

You never slept with a blanket, but your “vroom vrooms” were your equivalent. You carried them around everywhere. They kept you company when you were bored or stuck in the car, and probably helped you work out some of your frustrations from teething, not being able to do something by yourself, or not getting your way. We hope with your help, these kids will feel the same comfort. Please wrap your arms around them and remind them that someone cares about every worry and struggle. The good guys are still winning, Baby Boy.

You may not have owned a red cape, but you will always be our little “Soup-uh-man,” Cal. L.

I love you. I always will.

Love, Mommy

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