Hi Baby. I love you.

No one will ever make me laugh quite like you did. You smiled with your whole face, but laughed with your ENTIRE body. You couldn’t release all your joy with just the exhale of your giggle or another contagious breath of hilarity. No, your happiness sprung straight out of your innocent toddler heart and had an exceptional way of landing deep into my soul. You didn’t have to say a word. One look and I knew exactly what game you wanted to play. We would pretend to laugh but it never took long before our “fake laughs” turned into the real deal. We were cut from the same cloth, Baby Boy, and understood each other perfectly. You were our hysterical comedian with so much raw bliss packed into your pint-sized frame. When you wanted to perform, you made sure we were watching and kicked your charm into full throttle. The whole world disappeared when we were together and you blew us away with a wit far beyond your two short years.

We were such a happy family together and I hate that we have had to live for ten months without our most joyful little boy. Every single day since we have not held you in our arms just cracking up together on the couch, makes us ache for you that much more. People told us that more days and months will make missing you easier, but I’m having a very hard believing this could really be true. Maybe people just get better at putting on a brave face in public and telling the stories without a quivering lip.

Without you, I know the best days of life are behind us, and we will never be made whole on this planet. However, I promise you until the day I take my last breath, I will NEVER give up spreading The Caleb Effect to every corner of the world. If I never laugh like this again, you will still have given me enough love and joy to last the rest of my earthly days.

“I’d rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”

You will always be special, Caleb, and I thank God we had more than 30 minutes with you. Thank you for showing us how to live a carefree, cheerful life. Some people go a hundred years without experiencing the kind of happiness you shared with us every day, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

To all your friends, family and those who never had the pleasure of holding you with your footie pajamas: go make someone laugh today.

I love you and I always will.

One day.

Love, Mommy


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