Three years ago you made Daddy and me the proudest and happiest people in the world. Daddy told me you were perfect and as soon as he saw you he said, "Oh my gosh, it's me!" 

The first words I ever said to you were "I love you," as they laid you on my chest. I sang happy birthday" to you and kissed you over and over. You were bigger than I thought you would be and I remember how surreal it felt to truly comprehend the miracle of new life. How could it be that just a few short minutes earlier you were living inside of me and now you were breathing air and telling us how mad you were that you didn't get to camp out for the 42nd week, too? 

I loved being your Mommy here on Earth and I wish I could still hold you in my arms and tell you how much I will always love you, my little boy. I would sing you any song as many times as you wanted and never get tired of staring at your beautiful, peaceful face. 

I didn't want this day to get here but the days don't take their direction from me. 

What would you have wanted to do today? Would you still love "ownj ice" (frozen mangoes) and dancing to your own songs in a circle? Would you know all the words to "happy birthday" now? 

We took little gift bags to your friends today because Daddy wanted to make sure they knew how much you loved playing with them and how you remembered to say "night, night" to each of them every single night. I'm sorry I couldn't hold it together and some of your friends saw me so upset. I wanted to do this together, but at least now I know my limits.

We couldn't buy you a bright yellow Tonka truck, or any of your favorite toys this year, so you will have to imagine them wrapped up in a website dedicated just to you. I couldn't have done this without Aunt RoRo (Rose Lindo-Lundy), so send her extra love and angel kisses. 

Happy birthday, my forever 2-year-old! Mommy will forever be grateful you were born.

With all my love now and always.

Love, Mommy

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