Caleb's memorial service, like his life, was short, powerful, and uplifting.

We hope our friends and family across the globe who were either too far away, didn't know us then, or didn't think they couldn't handle the sadness of attending a memorial for a 2-year-old, will watch now.

It was recorded on our home video camera, so the quality is not perfect. Luckily, the message and videos of Caleb's life can be felt even when every pixel can't be seen.

Special thanks to Rev. Dave Poteet, at St. Luke's for officiating. We had never met him before planning the service and he did a phenomenal job focusing on "The Caleb Effect" that you are experiencing with every word you read.

(I might be a little OCD when it comes to details of Caleb's life, so a couple caveats to mention are that the "Busted" story was Bernie's, and we had already picked out "Lennon," as Caleb's middle name. While "Lennon" is partially in honor of our love of music and the Beatles, the other reason we chose that name is that it is an homage to our patriarchs. (Adam's grandfather was named Lyndel, and his uncle is Lynn. Bernie's father was named "Lee," and his sister is "Linda." Lee's brother is "Lon," Linda's late husband was "John," and there are letters from each of his other siblings in the name, "Lennon." Caleb was a week overdue, so it just happened to work out that it was the 50-year anniversary of the first time the Beatles played in the US. They only had one room left after delivery. That room number...64."  

That would have taken way too long to explain anyway, but it makes my neurotic side shake less in the corner.)

If you never had the great joy of meeting Caleb, I hope after watching, you feel like you have.

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