Hi Baby Boy. I love you. We had our biggest group yet to celebrate you and to “be nice” on the 9th! We went to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma where they help people who don’t get enough to eat. 

Eating is something you loved to do! You ate more food than Mommy AND Daddy! Remember when you would kick your feet and cry when Mommy and Daddy couldn’t get your turkey and hummus or “orange ice” (AKA frozen mangoes) onto your Lightning McQueen plate fast enough? Well, Baby, there are a lot of people in our state who NEVER get a full plate! No matter how hard they try, or how many jobs they work, some of our neighbors don’t have enough money to buy groceries to keep their bellies full. Some of our friends have to decide whether they are going to buy ham and crackers or pay for medicine like you took to keep your throat from burning. You inherited something called “acid reflux” from both your mommy and your daddy, but we never had to decide whether to buy enough food to eat lunch or pay for our prescriptions. The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma lets people get healthy foods like the frozen cauliflower that we bagged today so no one has to sit at their tables and cry. 

You would be happy to know that the 25 people there today to celebrate your joyful personality found out about you from a variety of sources. Some were your close family who knew you well, but others never got to meet you. The Caleb Effect was represented by friends Mommy and Daddy have known for years, some for only a few months, and more who we just met for the first time today. We were also paired with a gorgeous group of ladies from the Delta Sigma Theta sorority from Mommy’s former school, OU. Since Mommy’s team is playing right now, I have to add, “Boomer!” You would have been proficient in making the “O” and “U” motions, and you should know that even YaYa pretended to be a Sooner today.

Together, we bagged, weighed, sealed, boxed, and stacked the palette with 3,120 pounds of cauliflower! The food bank told us that 1.2 pounds represents a meal, so that means the amount of food our group processed symbolizes 2,600 meals! We hope as our neighbors and friends enjoy this nourishment, they will remember that the world still has many people like you teaching us to “be nice.” 

Being nice didn’t cost any of the volunteers a nickel today but I bet everyone left feeling a little richer. Mommy and Daddy also made sure we had a box of your favorite “vroom vrooms” for the team to share with unsuspecting children and a couple of Starbucks gift cards to distribute an extra perk that you give the world to help us keep going.

I love you, Baby Boy. I always will. Keep feeding our souls and save us a spot at the big table, okay?

I love you now and forever.

Love, Mommy

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Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. - Oklahoma Sooner City Alumnae Chapter