Caleb's Uncle, Andy Wile wrote this heartfelt true story two years ago, but it is an absolute, must-read letter that deserves to be shared again. I can't make it to the end without crying.

Thank you for sharing your deep love for Caleb and recognizing his simple yet mighty affections he so freely gave to you. It's one of the many reasons why not having him here with us is so exceptionally difficult.

Andy, it is obvious Caleb didn't even make it to round one before creating the love and pride I can see all over your face in this picture. Thank you for the most beautiful tribute to our giggly super hero. I agree with Ken Toey's sentiments of two-years ago. Please share this over and over again. We love you, "Unka Annie." 💜

May 7, 2016

Written by my brother, my Bubba - all of you, share this please..

A True Life Story by Uncle Andy Wile

My nephew the Super Hero.

Unfortunately, it took me until May 6, 2016 to recognize that my nephew, Caleb Lennon Wile, was a super hero.
We all know that Wile children possess super abilities but not all of these powers are glaringly obvious. 

However, Caleb, when brought into this world carried the message and gift of love. While some call it unconditional love, I prefer the words
love with no limits, love without trepidation or rejection, love for everyone and anyone he came into contact with. Anyone with the gift of sight,
the gift of hearing, and the gift of life was susceptible to his power. Even the hardest of hearts and strongest of the strong were no match
for him. As with every Super Hero, there were a variety of tactics in his arsenal.

First he would run around and just be himself, a normal inquisitive boy. While he would not reject the proffer of wearing a cape, tights and maybe a mask, he didn't need that attire for his super powers. If someone was able to resist loving him simply from being in the room with him, he would recognize and prepare for Round 2. 

Round two, would be his contagious laugh. His laugh was so contagious the CDC would have severe difficulty in preparing for it. To my knowledge, this is the first recorded sound related infectious material. He could find anything and I mean anything hilarious. He could bellow out his laugh akin to the testing of a tornado siren on a Saturday at noon. If at this point, he had not conquered and devoured someone's resistance to love, the final round was about to begin.

It would begin by him fixing his gaze into their eyes, then he would run, not walk, to the person. Then he would outstretch his arms and hands to heaven expressing the universal language that means "pick me up right damn now". At this point he has already won the war, just the person (aka challenger) does not recognize it yet. Unwittingly, and for reasons that everyone of us already comprehend, the victim immediately and without hesitation would reach down and snatch him up. All the while, his blue eyes were staring into their soul and he would retrieve their love and put it on display for all to see. One would think that Caleb would be finished at this point but no, he was not. He has to inflict the finishing blow. 

The finishing blow was something so simple, so discreet, so effortless it was...his smile. One could wonder why he did not lead with
"the smile" but if one considers that the challenger did not capitulate in Round 1 or 2, the challenger must have buried love so deep that the finishing blow was required. Parenthetically, it is not for me to critique a super hero's techniques and abilities. "The smile" was so categorically awesome that it would release pain, make people slack jawed, and could briefly cure all known ailments. 

His smile would also cause physical changes in Caleb. It would literally cause his ears to raise a 1/2 inch, his eyes would squint as if he was looking at the sun, and he would show you his teeth, that give the very definition of pearly whites. Some would call this his "victory grin" but it was not
a competition with him. That is not what he was here for. He was made with a hollow in his heart that was only temporarily pacified every time he exposed, received and gave someone love. 

And as always, in every super hero comic book and movie, there is a twist that no one on Earth could have possibly predicted. Ultimately, God called Caleb home on May 2, 2016. Unbeknowst to all of us once we received and gave Caleb our love, we in turn are left with a hollow in our heart yearning for his never ending addictive love. This love is more addictive than any drug known to man. While his pictures, movies and memories temporarily pacify the hollow, it still returns. Consequently, it will permanently be filled upon our ascent to heaven. Until then, we have our voluminous pictures, enthralling movies and precious memories that no one can take away. Additionally, we have his love and stories to share with anyone that will listen. So now our mission has not changed. We still must carry on and spread his love. Unfortunately, at this time, the undersigned lacks the ability to emit comprehendable noise on this matter and can only express himself in written format.

And while I was not there to witness, I am positive that God said "Well done my good and faithful servant. Let me introduce you to some family of mine and yours." 

God, Thank You for the gift of Caleb. Caleb, aka "Cal-L" we love you...but you already knew that.

Uncle Andy