Who: You and all your friends

What: Help us supply crayons and essentials for kids who need them. Wish lists for each school are below (posting lists as they are received). As we do with every event, we will be including handwritten notes of encouragement. Bring your littles (or bigs) to come draw a picture or two and tell kids and teachers how much they rock!

When: August 9th from 5:30-7:30pm

Where: India Shriners
3601 NW 36th St,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112

Why: Because four local schools (and many others) have many kids who struggle to have the supplies they need to learn. If you haven't been inside a classroom recently, have a teacher show you the books being held together with duct tape or tell you how they bought all the copy paper after the first two weeks using their own money. If a child came up to you at the store asking if you would buy them a pack of glue sticks or the same kind of crayons all their classmates have, would you do it? You may not get to hear their formal requests, so consider this as such. Close your eyes and imagine the hundreds of little faces that will receive these supplies and smile knowing you are doing something to help our future generation as you add a few extra items to your cart. We are also very happy to accept online purchases or pass along gift cards (we hear Target and Wal-Mart are favorites). 

Apollo Elementary: 
-Elmer’s glue sticks
-Crayola crayons –16 ct and 24 ct
-Crayola washable markers – 8 ct
-colored pencils – 12 ct
-#2 pencils
-composition notebooks – wide-ruled
-spiral notebooks – wide-ruled – 70 pages
-dry erase markers
-small school boxes (5" x 8")
Del City High School:
-Lined paper
-Copy paper
-Hand sanitizer
-Glue sticks
-Expo markers
-Binder clips
-Index cards
-Colored pencils
-Composition books
-Metric rulers
-Stop watches
-Snacks for teachers to keep in their desk to feed hungry kids
F.D. Moon Elementary:
-No. 2 Pencils
-Pink Erasers
-Broad Tip Markers
-Glue/Glue Sticks
-Box of Crayons (24/Pkg)
-Washable Markers
-3x5 index cards
-Pencil Box/Bag
-Pocket Folders
-Wide Ruled Spiral Bound Notebooks
-Composition Notebooks
-Packages of Ruled Loose Leaf Paper
-Pencil Sharpeners
-Printer paper
-Blue or black ink pens

-Boxes of Tissues
-Bottles of Hand Sanitizer
-Clorox Wipes
-Snacks of all kinds for the little ones
Roosevelt Middle School:

-Green, purple, blue, orange pocket folders as many as possible
-3 ring binders
-Colored pencils
-One subject notebooks
-Glue sticks
-Loose leaf college ruled paper
-Colored copy paper
-Cap erasers
-Paper clips
-Post its
-Construction paper (all colors)
-Dish soap (used to clean paint brushes)
-Anti-bacterial wipes
-Dry erase markers
-Dry erase cleaner
See you on the 9th! 
Wear your Caleb Effect shirt if you have one!