Six months seems like an eternity. 

We miss you beyond measure, Baby Bear. The house is quiet, but the sound of not having these everyday moments with you is deafening. 

You loved trading "fives" and "knuckles" for candy, and spreading your contagious, extroverted joy last Halloween. Daddy may have been relieved not to be a Disney princess again this year, but we were both crushed we didn't get to watch you trick-or-treat with all your friends.

Even though you didn't always give your "meow meow" soft touches, he hasn't stopped looking for you.That's the power you had and still have on every living creature you met (and even some you didn't). You taught us all how to love deeper and wrap our arms tighter around the people and critters we love the most.

There's not a nanosecond that goes by that Mommy and Daddy aren't thinking about you and waiting for the day we can finally pick you up and wrap our arms tightly around you again. I hope my daddy and all your new friends in heaven are enjoying you because when I get there, I'm never going to put you down or stop kissing your perfect, angel cheeks. 

One day. 

Love, Mommy
with Ken Toey

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