I write to you every day and this is the first thing I say, followed by "I love you." 

Daddy and Mommy's hearts still ache missing you and not being able to kiss your smooth, toddler cheeks multiple times a day. We still wish we could pick you up and nestle you in our arms, or read you one more story. You never spent a single night without at least one of us to kiss you goodnight or help you change out of your adorable "footy pajamas" the next morning. You only had a babysitter four times in your whole life because we loved spending every second we had with you. 

We will never understand in this life why we didn't get to hold you longer than 2 years, 2 months and 23 days. Seven months without our friendliest, happy boy and we miss you more with every passing day. "Aunt RoRo" Rose Lindo-Lundy said you must be conducting something really important in Heaven and I will always wonder what that could be.

As I look back at the videos we took of your much too brief life, I think Ana Hernandez-Covey is right. She told me you are probably the "Wal-Mart greeter of Heaven," and I can picture it so clearly in my mind. Maybe you are standing at the Pearly Gates saying "hi," just as you are here, and perhaps a few lucky souls also get "high fives" and maybe even a few "knuckles" to go with their newly acquired wings.

You loved meeting new people and brightening their day. You wanted to spread love to every single person you ever met, and I know you are still using those you love to spread "The Caleb Effect" to people who never had the privilege of meeting you in this life.

I've said this before but it is worth repeating now. The only difference between a stranger and a friend is the word, "hello." Maybe I will change that from "hello" to "hi." 

So, keep reminding us, sweet boy, to say "hi" to someone we don't know even when we are sad or when the world has not shown us an equal kindness. You will always be the most special little boy to Mommy and Daddy and we will never stop loving you or saying "hi" every day.

"Hi, baby." I love you. 
One day.

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