PayIt4Ward, Surprise, Shannon Nagy, Lance West, James Boggs,

Hi, Baby Boy. Wow, what a wild, unpredictable, and completely overwhelming week we’ve had. We celebrated the day of the month that you were born, and you had your largest audience ever to help us “be nice on the 9th” for you. Mommy also added a couple new platforms to spread your message, but none compare to the amount of attention you have received since the Pay It 4Ward crew came and gave me the biggest surprise of my life.

It was just supposed to be a simple lunch with Aunt RoRo and Erica, so I was beyond confused when Lance West and friends showed up to RoRo’s house looking for me. If you ever wondered what Mommy’s “surprised” or downright “shocked” face looks like, that was it!

I had absolutely no idea any of this was about to happen, or that so many people all over the world were about to fall in love with you. You think that journalists have seen everything and have been hardened by reporting on various tragedies over the years, but that wasn’t the case this day. It was obvious Mr. West was already feeling The Caleb Effect before he ever walked in the door, but how could he not be? Aunt RoRo and Mommy’s friend, Shannon, had already sent him your videos before today’s setup, and that was all it took to infiltrate his heart. You see, Lance is a daddy who hasn’t forgotten the special moments like he saw while viewing the footage of your first steps, or your contagious toothless smile during “take-off.” I could see it all over his face. The extra blinks and swallows, the grimace to push through a smile, and the subtle quiver before the next prepared question. It was over, Baby. You turned another perfect stranger into your friend without ever meeting him. You never got to give him your trademark high-five, but somewhere I know you were beaming and telling him, “all right!”

I can picture you smiling so big the corners of your mouth seem to meet the squint of laughter and magic in your eyes. Would your next unsuspecting target, James Boggs, with the crisp, black suit and a red, silk tie, prove capable of resisting your super powers? He was a professional to a T. A clean-cut banker whose company funds each of the four $100 bills he had just placed in my hand. A man that I imagined had a computer full of Excel spreadsheets and complicated formulas. A serious, experienced sponsor that goes to meetings concocted in my mind with words like “blue-chip company, Equity Capital Markets,” and “GAAP” tossed around the conference table. James put on a brave face, but after the camera stopped filming, I could see the water forming in the corner of his eyes. He excused himself but promised to be right back. True to his word, he reappeared within minutes and professed that he had just gone to give his daughter a hug and tell her that he loved her. His older daughter wasn’t home, but he wanted us to know that he had also called her to tell her the same. Wow. You are so powerful, Baby Bear. This is exactly what we want to happen.

That unexpected visit aired three times and has been shared literally thousands of times online. We may only hear your voice on a video through tears, but we’ve seen what a silent but commanding force you are. Use your special powers to nudge someone to hug tighter, say “I love you” and mean it, and leave enough room in their hearts to be vulnerable to The Caleb Effect.

We see the signs you leave for us here on Earth, but selfishly, I want more than that. I want you to hear your voice in person anytime I want. I want to watch you run to me from wherever it seems you are hiding. I want to know you are proud of me and hear you tell your friends that I’m your mama. One day we will find you again and we will never be apart. One day I will have you in my arms, kissing you and nuzzling your toddler cheek next to mine. One day I will smile with my whole face just the way you did. I know you know Mommy and Daddy love you, but we will never ever stop. I don’t know what will happen next, but your message is getting through.

One day.

I love you, Caleb Lennon.

Love, Mommy