We are LOVING seeing everyone getting their new shirts in the mail! (If you are one of the ones who asked us to do one more printing you can get yours here but only for a few more days: ) Keep the pics coming! Also, if you would like to help us honor victims of the OKC bombing, you can participate in this project on Sunday no matter where you live or whether you are attending the marathon or not! Here is how:

1. Tell us who you will be honoring (updated list of names of those killed in the bombing and that still need someone to pass out a vroom vroom in their honor are on the Facebook page) and you can learn more about each person here:

2. Print off a template under the blog posted titled "OKC Memorial Marathon-Remembering with Vroom Vrooms," or click here:…/22/rv6xq3ohugdfzu2hdj2swze152h…

3. Write the names of those you told us you want to honor on the template

4. Cut out the template

5. Tape it to a vroom vroom

6. Give it to a child on Sunday (wearing your shirt if you have one).

We will be making sure every person who lost their life on April 19th, 1995 is remembered with a vroom vroom given in their name. We have some special people already on our list, but we need your help! Maybe you can honor all of the people who have the same letter of your last name (although all the last names beginning with “G” are already taken). Hot Wheels are about $1 and it would mean a lot to a family who no longer has their loved one here. Thanks friends!!