Hi Baby. I love you. The Caleb Effect was all over the city today (quite literally), and in many parts of the country as well. Four of your friends and Daddy got up extra early to spread some of your love and vroom vrooms and run the relay in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon for you. You also introduced three out of the five to their very first race and they finished in under 5 hours!! Woo hoo!!

Another group of your friends set up a special area in the kids' marathon and passed out 75 vroom vrooms to honor you and the people who were killed there in 1995. That was long before you made it into this world, but a day Mommy and Daddy will never forget.

There were also more than a dozen people who wore your shirts in the race to spread some love. Did you see them? Aunt RoRo ran her first half-marathon and still had steam left in her tank to go for a walk with your cousin afterward.

Do you remember race day, Caleb? You always had SO much fun seeing all the new people and festivities and it was really hard knowing you were not going to be at the finish line greeting me with the happiest smile in the world. I miss you my little bear cub.

Mommy ran today as well but did not break any land records. Thank you for helping me make it to the finish line, which was the only goal I could hope for today. I know Mommy was not properly trained for this and had many setbacks, but I promise you there is NOTHING in this world or the next that will ever stop me from loving you and sharing your happy, friendly spirit.

This was the first race Mommy has signed up to run since you've been gone. I hope you know that I crossed the finish line smiling just for you and knowing the flu of two months ago, the ridiculous training weather, all the deep sadness, and not even shingles or a fever would be victorious today. You didn't ever get to run a race, but Baby Bear, today you won big.

I love you more than you will ever know and I can't wait for that day I get to run to you faster than I've ever sprinted on any course in this life.

One day.

I love you forever and always.
Love, Mommy